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Vizlib October 2022 Round-up

Vizlib October 2022 Round-up

Welcome to Vizlib’s October Round-up, your one-stop-shop for all of our latest features, blogs, news, and events. Great news – all of the updates featured in this round-up are readily-tested and compatible with the most up-to-date version of Qlik Sense, so you can enjoy them right away!

Watch our October Round-up Highlights here 👇

Vizlib Library

Add more visualisations as Master Items

Here at Vizlib, we have always put our customers at the heart of the products we build. We are delighted to share that by popular request, more visualisations as Master Items are now available in the KPI Designer.

This includes a variety of previously unsupported charts, meaning you can now go even further with your Vizlib and Qlik visualisations!


Add more visualisations as Master Items with Vizlib

Vizlib Collaboration

Freeze Columns make editing and navigating easier

We all know how tricky it can be to navigate and edit complex tables – mistakes easily creep in! So we’ve introduced a tool to make this easier for you.

As the name suggests, Freeze Columns allows you to fix a column to one side, while you explore the rest of the table. This not only  saves time but allows you to edit your tables with confidence.

Vizlib Freeze Columns make editing and navigating easier

Vizlib Self-Service

Export data in new formats on Qlik SaaS

At Vizlib, we work hard to ensure that our solution remains up-to-speed and compatible with the latest versions of Qlik SaaS, so that you and your team can get the most power out of the tool.

Custom Report can now also export data in pivot table format on Qlik SaaS which means you can export your data in the most suitable way possible!

Export data in new formats on Qlik Saas Vizlib

Vizlib Gantt

Colouring options for specific events

Vizlib Gantt Chart supports a variety of colouring options for events in the Appearance section of the Property Panel. Now you can define finer control over how each event is coloured. Apply an ‘If’ statement to your set to highlight a specific event – like a missed deadline – to make it stand out! 

Vizlib Colouring options for specific events

Vizlib Finance

Group measures using expressions 

We’ve just released a tool that will make it easier for you and your team to read and navigate tables. The new capability, Group Measures using expressions, allows you to group data easily and effectively as you require.

Using an expression to your group measures will also make your data more dynamic, yet still user-friendly.

Vizlib Group measures using expressions 


Stack up your finances with Qlik + Vizlib Finance

In this webinar on  November 8 at 15:00 GMT (10:00 EST), we’re putting a spotlight on Vizlib Finance. Our hosts Michael Nordström, Head of Qlik Products, and Al Herron, Head of Product Marketing, will demonstrate how the tools combine to level-up your entire financial process.


Join the session to see first-hand how Vizlib Finance enables collaborative working, with unique real-time editing and commentary features. Empower your team to deliver numbers you can trust.

Stack up your finances with Vizlib Finance


Data Storytelling – with Vizlib Actions

Add some action and adventure to your data! In the next session in our data storytelling series, we’re putting a spotlight on our much-loved product, Vizlib Actions.

Join Vizlib’s Head of Product Marketing, Al Herron and Luke Tolchard, Product Manager, on November 17 at 15:00 GMT (10:00 EST), for a practical masterclass, where you’ll see first-hand how Vizlib Actions can expand and supercharge the capabilities of Qlik Sense.

Vizlib Data Storytelling webinar coming soon


What type of Cloud infrastructure best suits your business?

We’ve broken down all things Cloud architecture in our recent blog post – and explored why Qlik Sense & Qlik Sense Cloud are essential to your data journey.

Take a look to discover how Qlik and Vizlib can support a smooth Cloud transition for your team. 

What type of Cloud infrastructure best suits your business?

Why does your business need real-time data?

Data has never been more important to today’s businesses. It is all around us, all the time, and permeates our daily lives. But how can your business make the most of real-time data? 

In this blog, we explore the key points to keep in mind when adopting and utilising cloud analytics.

Why does your business need real-time data? Vizlib

Other News

PRESS RELEASE: Leading Data Analytics Company Vizlib Gains ISO 27001 Certification 

Vizlib is delighted to have earned this accreditation through an extensive company-wide audit, confirming that we achieve internationally recognised standards.

This award demonstrates our team’s commitment to delivering world-class processes that meet the highest standards in their quality, safety and efficiency.

Leading Data Analytics Company Vizlib Gains ISO 27001 Certification 

Changelog: October 2022

KPI Designer: v2.3.1 

✨ New features:

  • [LIB-11354]: Vizlib KPI Designer and Master Item objects

🐞 Bug Fixes:

  • [LIB-11391]: Container Grid: KPI Formatting is now retained when switching Tabs

More information

Line chart: v5.2.3 

🐞 Bug Fixes:

  • [LIB-11609]: Tooltip now consistently displaying on Hover
  • [LIB-11395]: Exported file no longer throws an error when proxy is used in Qlik Sense
  • [LIB-11637]: Data Points no longer being cut off
  • [LIB-11445]: Dates are no longer being cut off in X-AXIS
  • [LIB-11492]: X axis labels font is now clearer

More information

Pivot table: v3.5.0 

✨ New features:

  • [LIB-11249]: In Alternatives screen, not possible to edit measures when opening

🐞 Bug Fixes:

  • [LIB-11428]: Totals defaulting in V3.+
  • [LIB-11423]: Now shows custom tooltip on Dimensions

More information

Sheet Menu Plus: v1.4.4 

🐞 Bug Fixes:

  • [LIB-11516]: Sheet Menu (plus) no longer stuck on Selections screen
  • [LIB-11515]: Sheet Menu Plus Side Menu Conditional Show is now correctly functioning  

More information

Custom Report: v6.2.0 

✨ New features:

  • [VSS-10884]: Pivot data export on Qlik SaaS 

🐞 Bug Fixes:

  • [VSS-11214]: Analytical Search Bar is now active when trying to type in values to search
  • [VSS-11243]: Group Dimension filtering layout is now consistent
  • [VSS-11241]: Scrolling is now enabled in the Group sorting window

More information

Vizlib Tiles: v2.6.4 

🐞 Bug Fixes:

  • [VSS-11267]: All values are now rendered after app reload
  • [VSS-11178]: Viztip Bar Chart is now fully rendering 

More information

Smooth collaboration in Qlik SenseInput Form – v4.7.0  

🐞 Bug Fixes:

  • [CLB-3937]: Copy & Paste styles are now working correctly for colour expressions and conditional formatting

Writeback Tablev4.6.0 & v4.7.0  

🐞 Bug Fixes:

  • Show column if expression disappears when using Form View
  • [Writeback Table] Align input for text area in Form view does not work

✨ New features:

  • New functionality to copy & paste styles when building either Writeback Table or Input Form 
  • [CLB-3869]: Calculated Columns – improvements to handling null or empty values
  • [CLB-3866]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Custom buttons sizes in the footer
  • [CLB-3869]: Improvements to REST Payload Schema Editor

More information

Finance Vizlib Banner GreenFinance

v3.16.3 – 05/10/22

🐞 Bug Fixes:

  • [FR-1748]: Export to excel displays warning/error message

Smooth project management in QlikGantt


🐞 Bug Fixes:

  • [VGT-603]: Titles in tooltips in mashup editor now have correct size set

More information

Server Icon




Server – v4.6.0 & v4.7.0  

✨ New features:

  • [CLB-3891]: New option for dynamic tags – Sheet ID
  • [CLB-3890]: Simplified access to VMC when using only one virtual proxy
  • [CLB-3877]: Vizlib Server – Users section improvements
  • [CLB-3869]: Improvements to REST Payload Schema Editor

🐞 Bug Fixes:

  • [CLB-3855]: Finance Report Scheduler no longer gives error “Cannot read property ‘qText’ of undefined” 
  • [CLB-3913]: Issues with writeback when using Timestamp column have been fixed

More information 


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