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Vizlib Partner Spotlight: Bitmetric BV

Vizlib Partner Spotlight: Bitmetric BV

“What story is behind your data?” That’s the question one of our key partners, Bitmetric BV, asks its customers. Bitmetric BV holds a wealth of experience in business intelligence, data analytics, and all things Qlik-related. They help their clients gain control over their data, which is why they adopt user-friendly technologies to clarify complex issues.

We wanted to know more about how Bitmetric BV uses Qlik + Vizlib to assist its customers, so we spoke to the operations manager, Angelika Klidas. Angelika is a data literacy evangelist and a two-time Vizlib Legend who collaborates with us often to create resources, such as the 6-Step Data Literacy Framework.

Let’s dive into her thoughts on Vizlib!

Q: Why does Bitmetric BV champion Vizlib products?

A: “I am a big fan of Vizlib products! They enable us to add more variety to the reports we create – such as annotations, comments, charts in a visualisation, and Viztips. And it’s this combination of Qlik native and Vizlib that creates contextual analysis for our customers. I love it!

“And I love that we can discuss visualisations or data points inside of apps with Vizlib Collaboration.

“Vizlib is also open to suggestions and new ideas from customers, which makes for a product that caters to its users’ needs.”

Q: What do you love about the Vizlib experience?

A: “That’s actually really easy to answer:

“1. The different types of amazing visualizations that have various visual flairs.

“2. The way I can add additional context to my data so that our users can easily understand all of the contexts around it. My university students love doing this – the image below is an example.

“3. The way I can style my visualizations and customize them to look the way I want them to.

“4. The ease of use, the amount of documentation that’s available, and the short instruction videos that Vizlib has.”

Dashboard screenshot

Q: What is your favourite Vizlib product/extension? And why?

A: “I actually have quite a few.

“1. I like the Vizlib Line Chart because it enables me to provide context to my visualization. There is also some really fancy and cool stuff in the Library suite.

“2. The possibilities that Vizlib Writeback provides, which I used when working with technology for emergency small transactional systems. For example, I used Writeback on a COVID Track & Trace workflow as well as a data and analytics dictionary.”

Q: What is the most impactful use case you’ve discovered with Qlik + Vizlib?

A: “The track and trace application was a cool one. Line charts provide powerful insights as we still look at the clinical trials and see what is happening in the pursuit of new medications or better vaccinations.

“Next to that, looking at commercial flights from 2019 until now. They were also impacted by the COVID pandemic – and now the Russian war – and are still not back on track. We can use insights to assist the industry.”

Q: How are your customers benefiting from Vizlib products?

A: They can build amazing things with Vizlib’s value-adding products. When we showcase the products, you can hear the buzz that is created around them. Customers have even better visualizations and can make better (context-rich) decisions.

abstract illustration abstract illustration

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