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Vizlib Partner Spotlight: Catalyst BI

Vizlib Partner Spotlight: Catalyst BI

Businesses are always looking for new ways to work effectively with their data. In this Vizlib Partner Spotlight, we’re highlighting Business Intelligence specialists, Catalyst BI, who continually strive to help their customers boost the value of their Qlik Sense analytics with intuitive solutions like Vizlib’s value-adding products.

To learn more about how they bring people and data together, we had a chat with Catalyst BI’s pre-sales consultant, Dan James, about why they support Qlik plus Vizlib.

Q: Why does Catalyst BI champion Vizlib products?

Vizlib offers a wide range of brilliant Qlik value-adding products that enable our clients to derive extra value from their Qlik investments. From creating pixel-perfect dashboards to writing back data within Qlik, the products are all robust and easy to use.

Q: What do you love about the Vizlib experience?

Vizlib is a Qlik technology partner that creates beautiful, easy-to-use products. The products and extensions are easy to manage using Vizlib’s portal and all extremely well documented with access to a support team readily available. All the Vizlib products provide so much value for an organisation that has invested in Qlik and can increase the adoption and usage of Qlik substantially.

Q: What is your favourite Vizlib product/extension? And why?

Our favourite product is Vizlib Collaboration, which enables our customers to write back data within their Qlik Sense environment. This has been a game-changer for many clients, allowing complex workflows to be removed from Excel and other legacy systems and brought directly into Qlik. In addition, it provides a full audit tracking capability which means customers can now have a single source of the truth with any changes logged and tracked.

Q: What is the most impactful use case you’ve discovered with Qlik + Vizlib?

It would have to be during the COVID-19 outbreak, when some of our NHS customers embedded Vizlib Input Form into their health apps, enabling matrons, doctors, and nurses to input COVID-related data around patients. This development could take place extremely quickly in Vizlib’s no-code solution, reducing the massive cost and long waits for the development of the patient record system to include new fields and data.

Q: How are your customers benefiting from Vizlib products?

We have many customers across numerous sectors all benefiting from Vizlib solutions. Many of our clients are using Vizlib to extend their visualisation and self-service capabilities, to create dashboards with a clean, on-brand UI. Secondly, numerous clients have taken this further by using Vizlib to augment Qlik into a workflow processing tool using Vizlib Collaboration.

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