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Vizlib Partner Spotlight: Climber

Vizlib Partner Spotlight: Climber

Do you want to offer your customers the best possible data analytics and deep-dive solutions for Qlik? And provide extra inspiration when using Qlik + Vizlib for your data dashboards? Well then, let’s talk about Climber, one of Vizlib’s most valued partners and an excellent example of how to supercharge your Qlik analytics with Vizlib.

Climber designs sustainable (long-term) data analytics solutions for customer business needs with the use of real-time and on-demand products for deeper insights. They focus on integrating Vizlib’s wide range of offerings for Qlik – from Self-Service to Collaboration – to ensure that customers get the most out of their data insights.

The company has over 300 customers and representatives in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, and the UK. With the highest number of certified consultants, they are the largest Qlik partner in Europe. We know they have impressive stats, but how do they actually utilise Vizlib for Qlik?

We sat down with two of Climber’s Vizlib Legends, BI Managers; Jordy Wegman and Olof Malmström to ask them just how Climber uses Vizlib’s products in projects and about some of their Qlik + Vizlib use-cases.

Q: Why does Climber champion Vizlib products?

A: “We use Vizlib extensions to enhance the Qlik analytics and dashboard solutions that we develop for our customers.

“For instance, with Vizlib Library we can make the dashboards more appealing and add analytic capabilities leading to better insights for our customers from the same objects that exist in Qlik Sense.

“The Self-Service package provides all users with capabilities to create their own ad hoc visualisation, empowering them to make their own analyses without being limited by what we as Qlik Sense designers have created.

“Finally, Vizlib Writeback gives users the possibility to enter data in the Qlik Sense frontend. With this extension we can get rid of the complex Excel files often used in Qlik solutions, making administration more structured and accessible for everyone in the organization.”

Q: What do you love about the Vizlib experience?

A: “The visualisation and analytic possibilities that Vizlib’s products add to Qlik Sense lead not only to better-looking applications but also to more and better insights for our customers.

“The agility and speed of development from Vizlib with new releases on a weekly basis, continuously give us as developers new possibilities and functionalities to work with.”

Q: What is your favourite Vizlib product/extension? And why?

A: “Writeback/Collaboration is a unique solution that gives users the option of getting rid of maintenance-heavy Excel files. It also gives them better interaction capabilities in Qlik Sense, increasing usage and enabling teams to manage their business processes end-to-end without having to leave the Qlik environment.

“The most popular product among our customers is Self-Service. They love the Custom Report; it gives them meaningful insights as they can select to view exactly what they need to see.”

Q: What is the most impactful use case you’ve discovered with Qlik + Vizlib?

A: “One of our customers re-shifted their whole planning process when factories closed due to Covid-19. They used Qlik Sense and the Vizlib Custom Report to quickly gain insights on their most valuable customers, items and delivery times, to narrow down what needed to be rescheduled to be able to outlast the rapid changes in the market.”

Q: How are your customers benefiting from Vizlib products?

A: “Our customers get more insights out of their Qlik environment; richer visualisations and better-looking dashboards leading to higher usage and, in the end, quicker, more well-informed decisions. With Vizlib we can offer them a seamless solution – smooth integration with Qlik Sense.”


Want to hear more about Climber, Vizlib, and Qlik? Then tune in to our episode of Vizlib Appy Hour on the 28th of April.

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