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Vizlib Partner Spotlight: EVACO GmbH Image
July 26, 2022

Vizlib Partner Spotlight: EVACO GmbH

Understanding data is the key to success. This is why EVACO GmbH (EVACO) strives to help its customers gain knowledge from complex data, rewarding them with a decisive advantage in optimizing their business models.

EVACO is a leading provider of user-driven business analytics and AI solutions in the DACH region and specializes in consulting and implementation of modern analytics systems – especially Qlik. The company has operated for over 20 years and chooses to work with partners that understand its drive and goals.

Vizlib is proud to be one of those partners. To find out more about EVACO’s operations, we spoke to the company’s managing consultant, Heiko Merget, about all things Vizlib + Qlik.

Q: Why does EVACO champion Vizlib products?

A: “We use, recommend, and sell Vizlib’s range of products to our customers because it expands the visual and analytical capabilities of Qlik Sense to allow the users to answer any data questions they might have.”

Q: What do you love about the Vizlib experience?

A: “We love that, with Vizlib, the vast possibilities of modern web technologies, like HTML 5 and CSS 3, are opened up to the average BI-Developer and are present and available within the objects themselves.”

Q: What is your favourite Vizlib product/extension? And why?

A: “Our favourite product is Vizlib Library, along with the Sheet Menu extension as it enables a complete restyling of the entire data app with a web-like UI and UX.”

Q: What is the most impactful use case you’ve discovered with Qlik + Vizlib?

A: “Our most impactful case centres around the implementation of Vizlib Writeback. It was used to grade and steer business processes for one of our customers. The goal was to speed up and optimised internal processes by generating relevant metadata for past processes that have either succeeded or failed.

“With the optimised processes, the customer was able to deliver faster, and at lower cost, thanks to our build.”

Q: How are your customers benefiting from Vizlib products?

A: “Customers benefit from Vizlib’s added functionality that is absent in native Qlik Sense. In many cases, these functionalities are essential to business processes, and operating without them would be difficult to imagine. One example of this would be Vizlib Collaboration – specifically Writeback Table and Input Form.

“Customers expect to be able to communicate and generate relevant Metadata within their BI-Application itself.”

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