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Vizlib Partner Spotlight: Evolcon

Vizlib Partner Spotlight: Evolcon

Do you want to wow your Qlik-based clients with eye-popping visuals and the tools to deep dive into all of their data? Well, then you need to read about Evolcon, one of Vizlib’s most trusted partners.

Evolcon is an elite group of consultants that helps companies change the way they interact with data, delivering valuable insights and improving their decision-making process. The company uses Qlik to enable data consumers to answer everyday questions and discover new opportunities that will help them achieve their goals.

We sat down with Vizlib Legend and Principal Qlik Consultant at Evolcon, Julián Villafuerte Arteaga, to find out just how the company uses Qlik + Vizlib.

Q: Why does Evolcon champion Vizlib products?

A: “The Vizlib suite is a great addition to any Qlik environment. It helps us bring the analytics ecosystem in any company to a whole new level by using advanced charts, user-friendly navigation objects, and game-changing functionality, like Vizlib Collaboration and Writeback.”

Q: What do you love about the Vizlib experience?

A: “The high level of customization and cool features you can add to your apps in just a couple of clicks. With Vizlib, you can be much more creative and build dashboards just the way you want.

“Dynamic colours for every part of your chart? Sure. Extra labels and reference lines? Of course. K-means in 30 seconds? No problem.

“As a designer, there’s no better feeling than building a dashboard exactly as you envisioned it.”

Q: What is your favourite Vizlib product/extension? And why?

A: “This is a tough one. It might sound a little weird, but I’d say it’s Vizlib Table. It’s one of the simplest visualizations, but classics are classics for a reason. With Vizlib Table, we can easily manage titles, subtotals, images, trendlines, traffic light gauges and even complex pop-ups. It’s a huge improvement over the base object.

“I recently experimented with Vizlib Tiles and Vizlib KPI Designer. They are definitely top notch as well.”

Q: What is the most impactful use case you’ve discovered with Qlik + Vizlib?

A: “In order to create a truly engaging, functional and visually stunning dashboards in Qlik Sense we have to use extensions to a certain degree (and a little magic). Vizlib makes that process much easier for developers. So, regardless of the department, industry, or dataset we’re working with, these modules help us improve apps.”

Q: How are your customers benefiting from Vizlib products?

A: “Better user experience, increased usage rate and happier analysts!”

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