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Retailer's Guide: Unlocking the power of data

Gaining a competitive advantage in a changing world with data analytics and visualisation
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An eBook for retailers to leverage the power of data to stay connected

The rules of the retail game have shifted. Consumer behaviour is changing, the speed of the online transition is accelerating, and old buying patterns have gone out the window. So how can retailers begin to navigate these unprecedented shifts?
In this eBook, we unpack how you can keep pace and stay connected to your customers with the right data at the right time. We’ll also explore how streamlining your supply chains through real-time data is critical to maintaining a competitive edge. Finally, we’ll review how data-driven personalisation is the key to understanding the modern customer.
Plus, we’ll also send you a bonus webinar with our Partner, Mayborn Group, to learn from their journey: shifting from a manual excel-based process to a governed and controlled system within their Qlik Sense environment.

Learn How To:

  • Accelerate the ability to sell and offer the most compelling customer experience.
  • Explore how data-driven marketing is fundamental to a highly personalised approach.
  • Get a complete and confident 360-degree view of the supply chain and customer buying cycle.
  • Leverage predictive data and prescriptive analysis to create models of likely customer choices.
  • … And other key focus areas for retailers to unlock the power of their data.