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Vizlib Round-up November 2022

Vizlib Round-up November 2022

Welcome to Vizlib’s November Round-up 2022, your one-stop-shop for all of our latest features, blogs, news, and events. Great news – all of the updates featured in this round-up are readily-tested and compatible with the most up-to-date version of Qlik Sense, so you can enjoy them right away!

Watch our November Round-up Highlights here 👇

Vizlib Library

Don’t limit yourself to one action per object! 

Get more impact, with less effort! With Vizlib Actions, you can stack actions and execute complex processes, without making your user lift a finger.

With Vizlib Actions, a button press for example, can trigger a chain of actions, like setting a variable, then sending an email, and then exporting the data of a chart, and finally opening a sheet. This totally reimagines the possibilities of your dashboard, and adds new levels of interactivity and engagement for your users!

Vizlib Stackable Actiond

Vizlib Collaboration

Edit multiple records simultaneously

We all know that when it comes to managing data, errors happen. Honest mistakes are made – that’s life! But Vizlib’s new Bulk Editing tool enables you to fix issues more efficiently.

It works by allowing you to edit multiple records at once – and there are several easy and quick ways you can approach this. You can find out how to use the Bulk Editing in our round-up video above.

Vizlib Self-Service

New customisation options for Vizlib Tiles

Our goal is to give you the freedom to make every data dashboard you own. So we are really happy to share that there are now extended customisation capabilities enabled for Vizlib Tile. This includes Horizontal Mode, which allows you to show data visualisations in the most logical, user-friendly way.

Users can now also separate colours on elements and override global colours using Vizlib tiles – which makes it much easier to draw attention to certain data, or to create a more complex design!

Vizlib Gantt

Highlight important data with ease!

Make sure that your users focus on the exact information that matters most. You can set the Range and Zoom boundaries easily within the settings of Vizlib Gantt.

Simply populate two date fields – this can be a static date or dynamic by using max or min expressions – and use the ‘today()’ chart function, followed by a plus (+) or minus (-) and a number to pinpoint the exact data that you want to highlight.


2022 Reset | Driving Performance, Speed and Quality in 2023

Not just another Holiday wrap up! In this session, we will be focusing on the future. What key lessons, trends, and technology from 2022 will we take forward into the New Year? 

How can the new tools and features we released this year continue to supercharge and enhance your team in the future? With a particular focus on performance, speed and quality, this session will explore opportunities for success in 2023.

Driving Performance in 2023 - Vizlib Webinar


How to build accessible data dashboards 

Want to design data dashboards that everyone can understand and enjoy? Of course you do. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to help you build inclusive dashboards, quickly and easily! Use these actionable tips to create accessible, engaging data visualisations that make an impact. 

How to deliver inclusive data dashboards

What’s behind a supercharged data dashboard?

What does it take to create a supercharged data dashboard? In this article, we shine a spotlight on this particularly impressive visualisation created by Jochem Zwienenberg. We break down the dashboard’s elements and techniques used to bring it to life! 

What's behind a supercharged data dashboard - Jochem - 1

abstract illustration abstract illustration

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