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Vizlib Self-Service: The road to company-wide insight discovery

Vizlib Self-Service: The road to company-wide insight discovery

One of the best ways a company can succeed is by putting data analytics into the hands of all its employees – transforming them from data-curious to data-champions with ease.

To support their BI journey, you need to select software that is easy to implement, includes robust functionality out of the box, and – most importantly – is accessible to users of all skill levels.

With a solution like Vizlib Self-Service for Qlik Sense, companies can reap the rewards of data analytics insights without the need to constantly turn to BI or IT specialists for support. You can empower your team to use data independently in their role and answer their own business questions.

Data literacy is crucial for all businesses

Data literacy is the ability to understand raw data and information, and communicate the insights you discover in simple concepts. Think of it like reading. Right now, your eyes are scanning over the words in front of you and your brain is converting data into understandable concepts. Reading is pretty much second nature to you. What if you could do the same thing with hundreds of rows and columns of sales data?

To ramp up user adoption and your BI in general, your employees have to be data literate. In addition to basic data literacy training, provided by Qlik for instance, they need analytics software that is user-friendly, customisable and intuitive.

A no-code approach for easy learning

Vizlib Self-Service for Qlik Sense is developed with a low-code philosophy in mind. That means users don’t need to have any prior coding experience to use it. Every single person in your organisation should be able to easily create customised, visually-rich dashboards, and drill down into any piece of data they need to.

Low or no-code solutions, like Vizlib Self-Service, support the 3rd wave of BI, turning development over to the users instead of just professional system developers. Once your trusty IT team (or a super-user) has the initial configuration sorted, then it’s over to the rest of the organisation to dive into the data.

A range of extensions to suit all your use cases

We understand that every company has different data needs. A car manufacturer will need different insights to a software developer, who may require different insights than a fast-food chain. That’s why Vizlib has created a wide range of extensions for Self-Service – unique problems require customisable solutions.

For example, Vizlib Tiles enables users to add a visual flair to data. It’s now easy to add images, descriptions, and ratings layers to a single dimension of data. With Tiles, your statistics and data insights become more clear and discoverable with the additional visuals.

With the KPI Extension, data can be visually transformed into easily identifiable targets, such as turnover or manufacturing output for the past quarter. It’s the perfect way to visualise the performance of strategic business goals and the degree to which they’ve been achieved.

And it doesn’t end there. Vizlib Self-Service fully integrates with the rest of Vizlib’s products: Collaboration, Gantt, Finance, and Library to create a robust data analytics and project management system for any company. Each product brings additional functionality and value to the table, such as Collaboration Teamwork, connecting users and data conversations across the business. With Vizlib’s value-added products, it’s easy to supercharge your Qlik Sense applications and help your organisation achieve full data literacy.

Support your organisation’s BI growth path and empower more employees to make data-driven decisions. Get started by contacting our helpful sales team.

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