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Vizlib September 2022 Round-up
October 6, 2022

Vizlib September 2022 Round-up

Welcome to Vizlib’s September Round-up, your one-stop-shop for our latest features, blogs, news, and events. Great news – all of the updates featured in this round-up are readily-tested and  compatible with the most up-to-date version of Qlik Sense, so you can enjoy them right away.


Watch our September Round-up Highlights here 👇

Vizlib Library

Improved user experience with new and improved Activity Gauge   

Our popular Activity Gauge feature is already well-known for being a powerful tool for data progression, but we’ve now enabled faster vizualisation response, data processing, and a smoother user experience. Activity Gauge Version 2 has a strong foundation for feature development, so you can expect even more exciting capabilities in the future.

Activity Gauge Version 2 now available via Vizlib


Vizlib Collaboration

Send impressive messages directly with Vizlib Payload Schema Editor

Our brand-new Payload Schema Editor enables you to connect to any REST API without using a mapping layer, like Zapier or Microsoft Flow. Instead, you can send attractive messages directly to Slack, Jira, or any REST destination. To get the most benefit, we recommend using Vizlib Server, where your REST authentication and credentials will be securely stored – saving you even more time. 


Vizlib Payload Schema Editor

Vizlib Self-Service

Improved customisation capabilities with Two-Dimensional Bar Chart

Vizlib Two dimensional bar chart

We have released a new visualisation format, the Two-Dimensional Bar Chart, to help you present data in the smartest way possible. You can choose horizontal or vertical, and switch the display mode from grouped to stacked.

This tool has been designed to help you better visualise the relative percentage within each bar.  To use this feature, you must enable the visualisation within the list. You can make any changes you need; the Custom Report will not refresh until you press “OK”.

Vizlib Gantt

Easier navigation with new Horizontal Scrollbar  

We’ve introduced a Horizontal Scrollbar to make it even easier to navigate Vizlib Gantt. To use this feature,  go to Settings > ‘Range and Zoom’ > ‘Range’. Then, simply create your minimum and maximum ranges, and put in your start and end dates. You will then see the option ‘Show horizontal scrollbar’. Once selected, the view will appear automatically on the Gantt. 

Vizlib's new Horizontal Scroll Feature

Vizlib Finance

Simplify table setup with the new Bookmark tool

Our new Bookmark feature removes the need to create multiple tables. So, you and your team can save time and effort on duplicating setups. To get started, use alternative dimensions to select the setup you like. Then, save it as a “Bookmark.” Now, when you return to it, you will automatically have the correct dimensions selected. Top tip: use drop-downs in the Toolbar for a quick selection of the correct setup.


Vizlib Bookmark feature


Back-To-School Round Up!

During this interactive session, our Vizlib product experts lead discussions about the incredible features and updates we’ve released in 2022, including the new Grid Chart and Flow Chart extensions, and improvements to Sheet Menu Plus.

vizlib cloud best practices



Four best practices to maximise your cloud analytics

In this blog, we explore the key points to keep in mind when adopting and utilising cloud analytics.

How businesses can gain control through the active use of data

In this blog, we explore what modern businesses can achieve simply by leveraging data. 

Qlik active intelligence How businesses can gain control through the active use of data

What is Qlik Active Intelligence and Why is It Essential for Modern Data Teams?

Perhaps now more than ever, businesses need real-time data analytics to better understand how the market impacts their organisation. Here’s why.

Partner spotlight: Catalyst

To learn more about how they bring people and data together, we had a chat with Catalyst BI’s pre-sales consultant, Dan James, about why they support Qlik plus Vizlib.

Vizlib Partner spotlight September

Other News

Vizlib Game Night

You bring the snacks, we’ll bring the entertainment. Join your fellow Data Viz gurus for a good, old-fashioned game night! From “Name that Dataset” to “Which Chart is it Anyway?”, we’ve created a series of games dedicated to all things Data Viz.

Vizlib Game Night

Changelog: September 2022

Vizlib Grid Chart 

New Feature

  • Customers can now can set a Scale value, like what was on the Heatmap (Property Panel → Appearance → Heatmap Settings). You can also define your range to show where the ‘min’ and ‘max’ colour value should lie between.

Vizlib Table

Vizlib Table

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • When there is a hidden column in a Table, the column to the immediate right contains its data when attempting to search instead of the data shown for the displayed column. 

Vizlib Pie Chart 

Pie Chart in Qlik Sense

New Feature

  • Master item/Library colours can now be applied to the Vizlib Pie Chart.

Vizlib Activity Gauge

Vizlib Library Gauge Icon

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Activity Gauge was recalculating every time the user switched between sheets. This has now been fixed.

Vizlib Bar Chart 

New Feature

  • Though we are not openly supporting 3rd party products, there was a breaking change that resulted in a vendor and our extension not rendering anything. If you are curious please reach out to our support team about 3rd party support.
  • Master item/Library colours can now be applied to the Vizlib Bar Chart.

Bug Fix

  • The bars no longer overlap in vertical view.
  • When there is no data to render in the bar chart, we now follow the same approach to what Qlik does. The product will simply not render anything.

Vizlib Custom Report

custom report button

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • We have improved the formatting of the Custom Report. The size of the measure menu no longer changes during search when the number of list items changes.
  • We have fixed an issue with loading. This has now been fixed so that tool now loads properly, and the previous version has been removed for download.

Vizlib Tool Bar

Bug Fix

  • Issue with Zone.js caused “Invalid Visualization” message for users which has now been fixed.

Smooth collaboration in Qlik Sense

Vizlib Server

New Feature

  • We have made a number of improvements that can allow users to configure their deployment flow in a more flexible way.

Vizlib Writeback Table

New Feature

  • New settings has been added to the text column when Input Type is set to Text Area.
  • You can now make rows dynamic, which will set height of the element according to the value provided.

Vizlib Teamwork

Contextualised collaboration in Qlik

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • There is a limitation to MS Teams API for attaching images. Only images below 26kb can be added to messages. Larger images are rejected and entire message is not sent. We added error handling which informs why the image was not sent and still share the message but without an image.

September 2022: Extension Versions

Vizlib Library

Vizlib Collaboration

Vizlib Self-Service

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