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Create web app-styled dashboards with Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus for Qlik SaaS

Create web app-styled dashboards with Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus for Qlik SaaS

Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus for Qlik SaaS is the perfect tool to create familiar-looking web-like interfaces in Qlik Sense apps. It helps to ease any user into exploring analytics across the organisation, and every data explorer should be using it.

As companies move to cloud-based analytics, we want to make the transition as easy as possible! That’s why we’ve released Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus for Qlik SaaS (Qlik Sense Cloud). It’s just one of the ways we want our customers to seamlessly transition their data dashboards.

Let’s dive into the new Sheet Menu Plus!

What is Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus?

Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus is an extension of the robust Vizlib Library wheelhouse. The interface and functionality deliver the same benefits as the original Sheet Menu, but now it works with Qlik SaaS as well.

Vizlib Sheet Menu is a part of the Vizlib Library product suite – if you are a Vizlib user, you’ll already have access to it.

What does Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus do?

When it comes to interface and usability, Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus is identical to Sheet Menu. Begin styling your Qlik Sheets with ease by taking advantage of easy to implement company branding, navigational elements, and a vast array of straightforward customising options.

With Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus, you can:

  • Enjoy the same user experience on Qlik SaaS and On-Premise, ensuring a smooth transition for your cloud analytics.
  • Design the top and/or side navigation of your Qlik app for easier navigation for all users.
  • Incorporate rich customisation and formatting options to keep the style of your organisation’s brand (and keep the marketing team happy).
  • Integrate Vizlib Actions to help drive user interactivity.
  • Embed filters, calendar objects, bookmarks, menus, and more.
  • Allow for dynamic visibility conditions of available sheets in the navigation menu depending on the user profile, variables, or even Qlik expressions.
  • Use CSS to change your Qlik Sheet’s background colour or add in a background image.

Resources to learn more

For more information on Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus:

Please note: When upgrading from Vizlib Sheet Menu to the new Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus, you should create a backup/duplicate of any application you intend to use with it. This is to ensure that you have a fallback in case any function you currently use is not yet supported by Sheet Menu Plus.

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