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Vizlib Teamwork – now Qlik TED accredited!

Vizlib Teamwork – now Qlik TED accredited!


Vizlib Teamwork, part of the Vizlib Collaboration product for Qlik Sense, has been accredited by the Qlik Branch TED team!



Qlik’s Trusted Extension Developer (TED) Program identifies and vets partners who are actively developing high quality, commercially viable extensions. Vizlib has been part of the TED program since it began, and we continue working alongside the Qlik Branch team as we release updates to our flagship products and launch new game-changing products.


We are proud that Vizlib Teamwork is recognised as a viable and trusted solution that adds value for Qlik users.  And, the TED team currently has other Vizlib solutions under review too. 


So, what is Vizlib Teamwork? 


Vizlib Teamwork brings your team and data together in Qlik Sense. It’s about collective intelligence! Users can easily kick-off discussions right in their dashboards, call attention to interesting data points with contextualised comments and share their view of data with other team members. With in-context communication and real-time conversations inside their dashboards, teams can ask and answer questions in minutes, enabling them to save time and make better decisions! 


Vizlib Teamwork is compatible with Qlik Sense Cloud, and keeps the data flowing with user-friendly capabilities such as:


✅ Integrated approval workflows

Vizlib Teamwork for Vizlib Collaboration showing integrated approval workflows

Vizlib Teamwork – integrated approval workflows


Create custom workflows to automate business processes in Qlik Sense. Review, approve, reject or delegate tasks without leaving your dashboard for more efficient and streamlined team collaboration. 


✅ Contextualised discussions


Vizlib Teamwork for Vizlib Collaboration showing in-context data discussions

Vizlib Teamwork keeps your comments contextualised and your data flowing 


Add comments on filtered data, individual charts or the entire sheet. Or use threaded replies and comment categories to keep your data conversations in-context and accessible. 


✅ Insight sharing


Vizlib Teamwork for Vizlib Collaboration showing streamlined insight sharing in Qlik Sense


Sharing insights is quick and easy with Vizlib Teamwork


Share your dashboard view with other stakeholders on the team via email, Slack or Microsoft Teams while preserving unique context. Connect entire threaded conversions to your shareable bookmarks for added context. 


Get started with Vizlib 

Leverage Vizlib Teamwork’s integrated commentary and messaging capabilities to fuel data conversations where your dashboards live.



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