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Vizlib Writeback Table for Qlik Sense: 6 use cases for real-time financial reporting

Vizlib Writeback Table for Qlik Sense: 6 use cases for real-time financial reporting


In the finance sector, data is often segmented and exists at different levels on different platforms. This makes it difficult to track metrics, create effective reports or perform root cause analysis. You need a solution that brings your processes and workflows to your analytics, to deliver accurate, real-time financial reports.


Vizlib’s writeback capabilities for Qlik Sense integrate easily with other business apps, streamline workflows and keep your data analysis flowing. It’s possible to finally close the analytics loop!


What’s more, Vizlib Writeback Table reduces the errors of manually inputting data, and eliminates spreadsheet risk by enabling you to edit and update numbers directly in Qlik Sense. 


Explore these 6 use cases to ramp up your financial reporting.



1. Streamlined budgeting



Now you can make updates to your budget without changing your actuals with Vizlib Writeback Table. Say you want to increase an item in your budget by 20%, you can change the figure in your Vizlib Writeback Table and add a comment, then write it back easily without leaving your app. Modeling scenarios and stress testing is intuitive and handy when embedded within the analytics workflow.


Vizlib Writeback Table for Qlik Sense - finance adjustments

Making budget adjustments with Vizlib Writeback Table


2. Post financial adjustments directly in Qlik Sense



You can post financial adjustments directly in Qlik and write back at a row level. Simply input the new figures, refresh, and you’ll see the adjustments reflected in your data. 


Plus, you also have access to a full audit trail of who posted an adjustment and when they posted it, including any historic comments, for improved security and compliance. 


3. Easily manage mapping tables



It’s time to replace your spreadsheets and mapping tables with Vizlib Writeback Table! You’ll be set to analyse financial data without leaving your app – manage reporting hierarchies by modifying, editing and maintaining data directly in Qlik. 


Perhaps you need to change the naming convention of certain reporting hierarchies in your chart of accounts. It’s simple! Write the change and see it reflected directly in your data model. 


Vizlib Writeback - mapping tables

Vizlib Writeback Table – mapping tables


4. Track change for reliable monitoring



Analyse and action your loan and leasing portfolio. Keep track of interest rate changes, comment on delayed payments, explain penalties and delinquencies, assign approvers or forecast balances with Vizlib Writeback Table. Comments and updates are tracked to provide greater data security, reliable monitoring and smooth audit trails. 



5. Track auditing workflows



Easily track any changes made to your Vizlib Writeback Table to facilitate a smooth audit trail. The Audit Trail section also enables users to customise the audit trail to suit particular business or process requirements by adding timestamps, for instance. 



6. Drive root cause analysis


Drill down to the root cause in your financial analysis. Go beyond sharing screenshots and adding annotations by digging into projects and assigning follow-ups, build scenarios to test changes and assess risks, or audit processes for external agency review.

Get started with Vizlib Writeback Table

Time to move on from spreadsheet chaos? To set up Vizlib Writeback Table quickly and easily, get started with serverless prototyping. Take a look at our Vizlib Writeback Table Overview for more information or watch our easy-to-follow setup video


Transform your finance approach to meet the needs of modern, anticipatory analytics:  


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