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Vizlib’s Industry Solutions Team Visit London!

Vizlib’s Industry Solutions Team Visit London!

In early February, the Industry Solutions (IS) team at Vizlib traveled to London to work in-person for a week, and to get to know each other and other Vizlibbers! In this blog, Elizabeth Tofany, Jane Li, and Stephanie French reflect in their experience and share what they have learned. 

What did the Industry Solutions team get up to in London?

  • Delivering presentations to the wider team  
  • Teaching the marketing team to build their very own dashboards!
  • Brainstorming creative ideas and new solutions 
  • Syncing on goals and processes   
  • Exciting activities like Crazy Golf at Swingers and team dinner at Dishoom
  • Having fun and getting to know each other!
  • Exploring London

Thoughts from the team:

What were your initial thoughts when you were told you would be coming to the office in London?

Jane: I was very, very excited!

Elizabeth: I was really looking forward to meeting my coworkers in person. We had been collaborating through virtual meetings for a while but I knew that getting to see everyone in person would be different. Plus, I had never been to London, so that was a new experience!

What was the most valuable thing you gained from your time in the office?

Jane: I believe it strengthened my relationship with team members.

Stephanie: I got the chance to really understand how my colleagues work and get to know their personalities better. Spending quality time with the marketing and IS teams was super helpful, since we collaborate often. Being together in person for a week definitely strengthened our working relationships!

Elizabeth: I was able to get a better understanding of what other people in the company do. Working virtually means I only interact with the specific people that are working on the same projects as me, but being in the office gave me a chance to talk to so many other people!

How did your in-person interactions with coworkers differ from your virtual interactions?

Jane: It was easier to pop in and speak to someone when I needed it. I believe that helped with productivity, and also it was simple to just sit down and brainstorm together. It’s harder to do that online because it can be harder to catch people while they are working.

How was Crazy Golf and the Galentine’s Dinner?

Jane: Crazy Golf was a great way to bond with team members that you normally wouldn’t get a chance to bond with, especially because we were put in random teams. At Galentine’s dinner we got to eat at an amazing Indian restaurant without a wait. And we were able to sit down and chat about ourselves, outside of work and really connect with each other on a human level.

Stephanie: The Galentine’s dinner was a great way to, again, get to know colleagues that I haven’t had a lot of interaction with and don’t always work directly with and get to know more about them on a personal level and share a delicious meal together!

Elizabeth: I had a great time playing crazy golf! I got to know my coworkers a lot better. I got to see their competitive sides, their cheerleader sides, and generally we just had a lot of fun. The Galentine’s dinner really helped learn more about everyone’s background and gave me insight into their unique specialties and skills.

Were there any specific conversations or interactions that you found particularly meaningful or memorable?

Jane: A conversation with the content team where we discussed how IS can help out with them, and what they need from us. It made everything very clear on our end!

Did the team events change your perception of the company culture in any way?

Jane: It reiterated what I already know – that London is amazing, and so is the team! 

Stephanie: Everyone at the London office was very welcoming and friendly and it made me proud to work somewhere with so many quality people!

Key takeaways from the trip

Having remote workers come to the office in person has numerous benefits for both the employees and the company. It allows team members who may have only interacted virtually to build a stronger rapport with each other.

This can lead to improved communication, better teamwork, and more effective collaboration on projects. Being in the same physical space can also increase creativity and innovation as team members bounce ideas off each other and brainstorm together. In-person meetings can also help to build trust between team members, which is critical for effective remote work. Having remote workers come to the office can help them to better understand the company culture and values!

This can be particularly important for new employees who may not have had the opportunity to visit the office before. Understanding the company culture can help remote workers to feel more connected to the organization and its mission, which can improve employee engagement and retention. Additionally, being in the office can give remote workers a better understanding of how their work fits into the bigger picture, which can increase their sense of purpose and motivation.

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