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What is Embedded Analytics and why does your business need it?

What is Embedded Analytics and why does your business need it?

Data. It’s such a small word that carries the weight of the world on its four shoulders. In the 21st century, the use of data has exploded with humanity’s evolution towards an ever digital age. And what is most of this data explosion used for?


Embedded Analytics for your company

Let’s be honest, it’s increasingly difficult for businesses to succeed without data. You need to know who your customer is, what product they’re looking for, if your products and services are fulfilling their needs, and if they will continue to purchase from you. All of this information will help to shape your business into a mean machine that outranks your competitors.

But it’s not all pink flowers and buttercups to get your data systems up and running. You need to reevaluate your data stack, which software you should use, and which services will best suit your needs. And once all of that is done, you need your data to be visible to anyone in the company that needs it at a glance. In other words, embedded analytics and visualisation are a must!

The Business Dashboard

By combining Qlik Sense’s Embedded Analytics and Vizlib Library, you can create robust and easy-to-use visual analytics without any coding knowledge.

Need to know what your revenue is for the last quarter for customers in North America who only like compact cars that are blue? 🚘 You can make that dashboard, even down to the exact variations of blue paint.

What about seeing how many customers in Japan are actually fans of red fuel guzzlers? 🚗 You can make a dashboard for that, along with which radio model was included in the different builds.

Well then, what about … 🤫 Yeah, you can make that dashboard too with our extremely flexible Library extension.

All of this technology is built with embedded business intelligence in mind. Qlik Sense does the perfect job of processing massive data sources into understandable data, while the addition of Vizlib’s value-added products will further refine and display the date any way you want it.

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