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Who’s in your Data Force? Three real-world examples of Business Users

Who’s in your Data Force? Three real-world examples of Business Users

Creating a Data Force of Business Users (a.k.a. “Citizen-Analysts”) is a powerful strategy that can transform a company’s data analytics and reporting in any industry. So who could be a member of your organisation’s Data Force?

At Vizlib, we believe that with the right tools, anyone has the potential to build dashboards, get closer to insights, and support data-driven decisions. But why should you deconstruct your organisation’s status quo and shift more of your analytical power outside of your data science team? And what technologies do you need to fuel this change? And how do you choose the right – future-proof – data tools? You can read all about it in our eBook, Putting Business Users in the Data Driver’s Seat: Using Vizlib to build your Data Force of Citizen-Analysts.

But for now, let’s talk about the Data Force that you can start building, today.

To help illustrate the power of forming a Data Force, this blog explores some examples (based on real-life case studies) of Business Users – from seasoned BI experts to marketing executives who have never written a single line of code before.

The performance marketing wizz

Meet Jon, Account Executive at a digital performance marketing agency

Meet Jon

Jon helps brands connect with customers from an enterprise to hyper-local level. His clients are focused predominantly on expanding their online audience, or looking for leads to grow their business.

Jon’s customised dashboards make client updates slick and impressive

Jon has to present performance updates to his clients. These updates are very high quality and needed very regularly, but Jon has no prior coding knowledge – so how does he manage to create something engaging and impactful, every time?

To relieve their data scientists and provide Jon with more control and flexibility, Jon’s agency uses Qlik + Vizlib to create slick visualizations and dashboards – customised to match a client’s colour scheme and design expectations. The dashboard below was created for one of their clients using Qlik Cloud + Vizlib Library – notice the colour scheme customisation and intuitive layout.

colour scheme customisation

This example explores how an intuitive solution like Qlik + Vizlib can help someone like Jon – a Business User without a technical background – but what about someone with extensive BI experience? What can they get from this no-code/low-code solution?

The Business Intelligence expert

Meet Sarah, Senior BI Developer at a government rail organisation

meet sarah

Sarah’s organisation manages a national railway infrastructure, including 7,000 kilometers of track and over 1.4 million rail journeys every day. The data that Sarah manages and analyses directly affects the safety of millions of people.

Vizlib’s seamless integration and functionality allows Sarah to focus on critical, high-level business needs

KPIs are a crucial visual component of Sarah’s team’s  BI, and their reporting – often to external stakeholders – is done via Qlik solutions. However, they recently had to migrate their key data from QlikView to Qlik Sense, making sure to keep all the essential analytics functionalities intact.

Though Sarah has extensive coding knowledge, the ease of upgrading their Qlik solution with Vizlib meant she didn’t have to spend hours on manual tweaks and debugging. Plus, the added functionality and customisation of Vizlib also meant that the company could easily maintain all their critical data and daily reporting. This means Sarah can keep her focus on higher-level business needs, like managing teams, coordinating projects, and developing her organisation’s BI strategy. 

vizlib gantt example

The Finance Director

Meet Aisha, Finance Director at a global foods manufacturer

Meet Aisha

Aisha’s company prides itself on providing the food-service industry’s highest level of quality, service, and integrity. This excellent standing as industry leaders is maintained through – among other things – their centre of innovation, test plant, and by employing a data-driven approach to business.

Streamlined, real-time financial reporting helps Aisha make data-backed decisions – faster

A lot of their operational applications reload every five minutes or every minute, making it hard for Aisha to ensure that their data-driven decisions are as up to date as possible.

Aisha uses Qlik + Vizlib to streamline their financial reporting and access real-time data in a way that suits her workflows. She can now make data-backed decisions faster to help hit the team’s goals and targets.

vizlib finance example

So, which of your colleagues could become the Aisha, Jon, or Sarah of your organisation? With Vizlib, everyone has the power to become an impactful Business User, today. Visit our Demo Gallery to see how Vizlib can transform your data analytics and reporting, or browse our Success Stories page for more real-world examples of Vizlib in action.

Unlock the power of Qlik Cloud. Vizlib enhances the capabilities of data visualization and analytics to give you unparalleled insight, so you can know faster and act sooner.

abstract illustration abstract illustration

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