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Why do companies choose Vizlib?

Why do companies choose Vizlib?

Vizlib offers the most powerful suite of data visualization solutions for Qlik Sense. With enormous flexibility across six distinct, intuitive products, there are countless ways to get more from your data. 

We love sharing stories about Vizlib elevating data analytics around the world. You can check them out here. Today, we’ll examine some of the key reasons industry leaders are adopting Vizlib to level-up their Business Intelligence. 

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of us dropping some big names… 


Vizlib gave us a significant development acceleration boost, saving us time by being able to leverage a comprehensive pack of value-added products ready to use while also giving us assurance around sustainability of the solutions we create.

– Senad Music, Senior Manager BI Analytics, Vodafone

Moving faster

Vodafone uses Vizlib’s powerful solutions to get more from Qlik Sense, with less developer time invested. “We were able to get some great capabilities without having to specify every detailed requirement, while, at the same time, most of our detailed needs were incorporated into the final product.”

For example, Vizlib Pivot table bought the extra functionality and formatting the senior finance team were looking for, out-of-the-box. Utilising Vizlib this way helps the dedicated Data Visualization team provide the solutions their company needs, more quickly and to the highest quality. 

Meaningful insights for business users 

As with any large corporate organisation there’s complexity, with lots of information coming from many different data sources. Business users need to stay in the loop, so they can make informed decisions. What they don’t need is clunky interfaces, featureless spreadsheets, or information overload. “Visualization simplifies the messages [and] cuts through all the noise to serve the relevant decision makers with clear and fresh insights”.

Supercharging slick B.I. dashboards, Vizlib provides the clarity and intuitive interface business users need to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and contribute to a data-driven environment. 

Read more about Vodafone’s journey with Vizlib here. 


We could not imagine achieving the level of customisation that’s required if we did not use Vizlib. It really adds huge value to our deployments. 

– Reshma Madithati, Technical Design Expert, Visual Analytics, Novartis

Empowering data across the organisation

Encouraging adoption through focussing on the user experience, Vizlib adds visual power to 60-70% of the apps Novartis develops with Qlik. That means more than 15,000 users are consuming an app optimised with Vizlib solutions.

There are around 1000 self-service business users within Novartis. Vizlib Self Service’s intuitive interface enables these users to create dashboards and reports they require, without the need for significant training or support.

Adding design spark

Novartis has high standards. The flexibility and functionality of Vizlib solutions allows them to meet their specific customisation and design needs, and supercharge their Qlik visualizations. 

Among Vizlib users at Novartis, a particular favourite feature for adding visual impact is the KPI Designer. “[It’s] our number one Vizlib product at Novartis, within the entire Vizlib Library. It’s day and night compared to the native KPI object,” says Pierre-Louis, Novartis’ Visual Analytics Technology Strategy & Innovation Lead. 

Charts, metrics and icons with KPI Designer layering

Combine charts, metrics and icons with KPI Designer’s effortless layering

Read more about Novartis’ journey with Vizlib here. 

Hermes Arzneimittel

With Vizlib, we can do everything we want.

 – Christian Kuhn, Team Lead Regulatory Affairs International, Hermes Arzneimittel

Driving visual analytics adoption

Hermes Arzneimittel hasn’t historically focussed on visual analytics. However, as the business continues to evolve, their workforce are beginning to appreciate the impact of data visualizations created through the powerful combination of Qlik + Vizlib. They are now exploring how they can simplify data for their end users, including “implementing visual charts for management.” 

It can be difficult to introduce new platforms to people used to interacting with data in a certain way, but Vizlib’s user-friendly interface makes the transition easy. “Vizlib has helped us a lot in getting people to use the tool [Qlik Sense] more.”

Hermes Arzneimittel boost Qlik adoption with Vizlib

Improving manufacturing outcomes

Hermes Arzneimittel’s primary use of Qlik Sense is to manage and streamline manufacturing processes within their production control department. They format data into a particular structure in their manufacturing environment, then export the data to other business solutions that ensure maximum efficiency.

While using Qlik Sense to extract value from their data generally worked well, there were “some business requirements we simply couldn’t achieve” through Qlik Sense alone. With added features from Vizlib, they can get more from their data to drive business success. 

Read more about Hermes Arzneimittel’s journey with Vizlib here.


We use Vizlib’s Sheet Menu, filter objects, the bar chart, line chart, bubble, advanced text button, combo chart, shot container… You name it, we use it.

–Nick McGuigan, Analytics Design Manager at CONTEXT

Deep customisation with seamless navigation

“The Sheet Menu has to be one of the biggest functionality improvements on the “vanilla” Qlik Sense for us, because we can adopt the same branding [and] we can change how the navigation works,” Nick said. 

Enabling users to move seamlessly through groups and sheets, with brand-appropriate visuals, creates a powerful data storytelling journey.

Sheet Menu mirroring the design of navigation bars in web apps

Sheet Menu creates a intuitive user experience by mirroring the design of navigation bars in web apps


Preserving and enhancing functionality after migrating to Qlik Sense 

“We used QlikView for a very long time, and lots of the things that we were doing with QlikView were no longer possible in Qlik Sense. So it was quite difficult to transition customers over from QlikView to Qlik Sense,” said Nick.

Vizlib filled those gaps, reinstating the business analytics and data visualization capabilities lost during the migration and introducing new functionalities. 

Read more about Context’s journey with Vizlib here.

Why choose Vizlib?

Only 24% of businesses consider themselves to be data-driven, even though companies deploying data analysis enjoy an 8% uplift in profitability and 10% lower operational costs. Are you fully utilising your data to drive business success?

With Vizlib, you can get more from your data analytics and your native Qlik Sense than you ever thought possible. Explore our powerful solutions and discover how you could elevate your B.I.

How to get started

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