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Writeback: 3 use cases that add value in Qlik Sense

Writeback: 3 use cases that add value in Qlik Sense


Accurate data is the basis of business intelligence. And that’s why BI teams rely on access to the right data at the right time. Unfortunately, some data may be lacking in your analytical apps to fully support data-driven decision making. 


Enterprises that combine data sources and allow for contextual inputs can lower the risk of errors and improve their team’s speed and agility with additional BI functionality such as writeback. 


Wait, what is writeback?


Writeback is the ability to update databases, files, or source systems. It extends beyond the traditional read-only functionality to include the ability to create, update, and delete data. 


Database writebacks enable end-users to update source systems directly where they’re doing their analysis, like in their published Qlik Sense apps. They’re maintaining systems of record while staying in the analysis flow. How? By securely initiating backend processes from within the analytics app. 


And yes, this does mean the end-user is getting more power. But it is a good thing, in this case! (You can stop shaking your head now! ?)


The added functionality from writeback solutions helps to speed up data analysis, simplify planning and streamline workflows, as data is written back to a source. In essence, writeback closes the analytics loop.


Three writeback use cases to boost your BI

1. Capture sales data at the source 






Now you can capture sales information like lead management or sales planning directly where you analyse the data. Input, edit and delete data from within Qlik Sense to improve the accuracy of your scenario modelling and forecasting. Or simply update the data when you spot inaccuracies in your CRM!

Improved data accuracy and speed! 


2. Enhance financial accuracy 






Writeback tables enable the finance team to apply adjustments to financial results easily. And keep track of who, when and why any adjustment was made! Changes are written back to update the source data, and ensure a single source of truth!

Improved financial accuracy and planning


3. Streamline operations management





Managers can safely add data to a database or web API with governed, user-friendly inputs to help streamline operations and improve efficiency. 

Improved efficiency and workflow process management

Vizlib Writeback capabilities for Qlik Sense

With our reimagined Vizlib Collaboration, we’ll be adding more BI value through a comprehensive writeback and collaboration product for Qlik Sense.

Vizlib Writeback capabilities span your entire insights-to-action journey to save time, reduce data inconsistencies, and streamline your data analysis. 

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